If you’re considering creating, improving or extending a website for business, personal, community or other reasons, you need one thing before all others.

You need to be able to trust the people working on your site, that they “get” what you’re after and will deliver a website that’s good looking, well structured, optimised for search engines, content-rich, user friendly, cross-browser compatible and successful. A website that works. Yesterday, preferably. That’s what we do.

Flyman Partners is Hazel Flynn and Ricky Onsman, an Australian web consultancy based in Corrimal, south of Sydney, NSW. We design, build and manage websites that work, helping our clients to develop and maintain a truly effective web presence.

It takes more than coding and programming ability, graphic design and photoshop skills, and search engine optimisation knowhow – although it does take all of that.

It takes more, even, than usability expertise, marketing skills, and knowing how to write for the web – although it takes all of that, too.

Most of all, it takes trust: that we understand and will deliver what you want. We build that trust. After that, you need all those other skills to translate that insight into a website that works.

And that’s what we do.

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