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Top Ten

  1. The Last of the Apple Blossom, Mary-Lou Stephens
    The Last of the Apple Blossom“The Last of the Apple Blossom is a wonderful book and, I think, an important one. It operates on several levels at once without ever losing its focus or any clarity.”

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  2. Blessed, John Doyle
    BlessedIn the process of creating an origin story for his Roy Slaven character, John Doyle has painted a loving, trenchant, nostalgic portrait of life in a country coal mining town in late 60s Australia.

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  3. Loud, Tana Douglas
    Loud, by Tana Douglas“… Douglas provides interesting insights that bust a few myths and might change a few minds. There are, as you might expect, plenty of outrageous and very funny anecdotes …”

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  4. Suburban Songbook, Clinton Walker
  5. Suburban Songbook“Fantastic! Walker cleverly focuses on the emergence of Australian pop/rock songwriting from post-WWII to 1975 when Countdown started. ”
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  6. Funny Stories, Hugh Wayland
  7. Funny Stories“Outstanding! Superbly put together, this account of Sydney’s Funny Stories performance troupe from the 80s is a brilliant read.”

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  8. My Rock ‘n’ Roll Friend, Tracey Thorn
  9. My Rock 'n' Roll Friend“I’ve just finished reading My Rock ‘n’ Roll Friend, a fascinating account by Everything But The Girl’s Tracey Thorn of her friendship with that drummer, Lindy Morrison. ”

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  10. Last Chance Texaco, Rickie Lee Jones
  11. My Rock 'n' Roll Friend“As a narrator she wavers between portraying herself as a deeply knowing, self-aware, purposeful artist and a naive, awkward hippy who got lucky. Often both.”

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  12. Behind Dark Eyes, Jeff Apter
  13. Behind Dark Eyes“You get a great sense of the flow of English’s life, cleverly bookended by the revelatory breakthrough of Jesus Christ Superstar and his doomed efforts to stage his own rock musical.”

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  14. Punk Outsider, Toby Zoates
  15. Punk Outsider“Punk Outsider takes us into life in the squats, the pubs, the marches, the crackdowns, the cells, the coffee shops, and the streets of inner city Sydney in the 70s and 80s.”

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  16. Beeswing, Richard Thompson
  17. BeeswingThe memoir of international music icon Richard Thompson, co-founder of the legendary folk rock group Fairport Convention.


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